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Estimated Electric Cost Calculator

We can not quote you how much it will cost for you to run your Infrared Heater as so many variables from state cost differences, home insulation quality, square footage and how often you will run your unit make it different per household. However, this calculator should be able to give you and estimation. We also put this calculator on our website as some of our competitors have made what we believe to be unrealistic cost statements.

Device / Wattage

Amount used per day

Cost of Electric.

Days used per month

Kilowatt Hours used:


Cost per month:


Cost per year:


This is an estimate calculator and may not be exact as many things can cause variances such as the exact amount of wattage your unit pulls, some states use 2 or 3 cost tiers, commercial vs. residential, peak times as well as the fact that your heater will be cycle on and off and your lamps unlikely will be on the entire time of the day.

Through test, our Solar Comfort was pulling 1440 watts and as low as 28 watts when just the fan was on. We also turn our thermostat down in the sleeping hours as well as when we will be gone from home for a long period of time.

For more accuracy in your own specific area, we advise that you find out the average cost per kilowatt-hour, which may be listed, on your bill or you can call your utility company for the cost as well. Then select the cost in the calculator.