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Infrared heaters may look similar, but they certainly are not created equal. So is cost the only real difference in the selection of Infrared Heaters? Not at all! The quality of the Solar Comfort far exceeds all others in its class and is the safest as well! We can prove it! See here for more on Safest Infrared Heater.

The Solar Comfort heater surpasses Edenpure, SunHeat, SunTwin and ComfortZone in quality, safety, longevity, ease of changing lamps and heat exchanger comparison. Solar Comfort is built to last long term and definitely worth every penny more you might spend on Solar Comfort. However, our current sale gets you the Solar Comfort at the competitive price of the inferior products.

There is a huge difference in the Solar Comfort brand heaters compared to Edenpure , ComfortZone , SunHeat and SunTwin . The others say they use quote, "New Technology". They are referring to Quartz. The problem with this philosophy is that the original technology that Solar Comfort is famed for, is the quickest and easiest to change heating elements on, has the largest and highest quality heat exchanger, like a real heater, the easiest to determine that the bulbs are functioning on and blends in the most like a nice piece of furniture. Most importantly, as previously mentioned, it is the safest too!

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Between 1999 and 2001, the manufacturer of Solar Comfort used 'The New Technology' of quartz. It would prove to have many problems, was much harder to change the quartz bulbs on and would prove to be unsafe due to the heat they generated inside the chamber. This unit is now Edenpure, which is similar to ComfortZone, SunHeat and SunTwin.