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Which method of Infrared heating is the safest, Quartz or Infrared Heat Lamps? After much research and personal experiences, we found many issues with the quartz systems that our competitors use. They do put out heat but in our opinion, can be dangerous! In fact, not only have we had a personal customer be one of the not so fortunate who had his plastic heater melt, but we have also had others who have had other situations from smells to malfunctioning. One customer mentioned that hi heater (competing unit) kept shutting down. When he called the dealer all they said was remove and run it without the filter. The reason being was that too much heat was staying inside the unit and needed to get out. What happens with a clogged filter?

Other people have expressed a constant over heated air smell! When we brought in a Comfort Zone Infrared heater for live comparison at our Solar Comfort sales and service center, my wife could smell the hot air as well. Some people are more sensitive to smells than others.

The problem can be that if the sensors fail to shut off the unit or the fan fails, etc. It can cause the units to overheat. This is not a problem with Solar Comfort. We also don't have that hot air smell either. Why? because the key is not to overheat the air. It is designed to work more like the sun and use the same bands of light as the sun puts out. The heat from the sun is a more soft heat which is also what you will find with the Solar Comfort. Now don't misunderstand. The Solar Comfort does put out a great deal of heat and is compared to the quartz systems in its heat potential. However, it proven to be a safer means of transferring the heat.

The below image is a personal test we did. It will also show the safety of Solar Comfort's method of heating that has been proven for over 25 years.